Jim Parsons


Why the movie “Metropolis” is so significant in today’s media.

Jim Parsons stars in the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory.


Linkin Park – “Iridescent”

Linkin Park released a new video for their single “Iridescent”, which is on the Transformers: Dark of the Moon soundtrack.  Like many other videos being released these days, it was loaded with Illuminati symbolism, such as:

The video opens with an all-seeing eye...

And another immediately after...

Blinded people/slaves. Perhaps the world's population being blinded and manipulated by the elite?

One of many shots of all-seeing eyes and pyramids...

More pyramids...


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Danny K

Many people probably won’t know this guy since he is a South African artist. Anyway, I came across a video he released earlier this year called “Made 2 Luv U” and found there were all-seeing eyes and transhumanism themes.  Some screenshots and possible theories:

The video shows Danny sitting in a robot manner. He continues to sit this way while he sings.

Next, we see two females who seem a bit robotic, but also puppet-like.

Metropolis robotic hand as seen in videos like Beyonce's "Single Ladies".

Half human, half robot (transhumanism). And, of course, the all-seeing eye.

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