Linkin Park – “Iridescent”

Linkin Park released a new video for their single “Iridescent”, which is on the Transformers: Dark of the Moon soundtrack.  Like many other videos being released these days, it was loaded with Illuminati symbolism, such as:

The video opens with an all-seeing eye...

And another immediately after...

Blinded people/slaves. Perhaps the world's population being blinded and manipulated by the elite?

One of many shots of all-seeing eyes and pyramids...

More pyramids...


Sun symbolism...

Masonic pillars...

The Last Supper. Notice how Mike Shinoda is in the centre, where Jesus is supposed to be...

Mike with one eye. Could he be representing Ra/Lucifer instead of Jesus?

Chester completely blinded…

The serpent, which Mike holds throughout the video. No need to point out what that symbolizes...

Winged disc, as seen in logos such as the one for the Mini Cooper...

Yet another all-seeing eye...

Mike (portraying the one-eyed character) on a throne with horns, snake and illuminating pyramid.

Man controlling humans, possibly referring to Lucifer the "Great Architect". Notice the illuminated pyramid above him...

And of course, the closing shot is another all-seeing eye...

It’s also interesting to note the lyrics. One verse in particular caught my attention:

“And in the burst of light that blinded every angel
as if the sky had blown the heavens into stars
you felt the gravity of temper grace falling into empty space
no one there to catch you in their arms”

This possibly alludes to the story of Lucifer being cast out of heaven by God.  The use of the phrase “burst of light” may be a reference to Lucifer being called the Light-Bearer.

It is also interesting to note Linkin Park referenced the  adage: “In the country of the blind, the one One-Eyed man is king.” The video, therefore, could simply be a reference to the novel The Country of the Blind, in which one character, Nunez, upon realizing that everyone is blind, thinks that he could rule over them.  On the other hand, that could also be a reference to the Illuminati, the blind people being us and the one-eyed king being the elite.

I think the video is, perhaps, one of those that Vigilant Citizen recently mentioned in his article about The Age of Horus: videos that take holy imagery and “de-holify” it and change the meaning into something sinister.

Edited to add some issues that have been brought to my attention.


66 thoughts on “Linkin Park – “Iridescent”

  1. Come on! Linkin Park is trying to leave The Illuminati! see their music videos and their lyrics “Waiting For The End” also “The Catalyst” and “When They Come For Me” , “Blackout”, “Burning in The Skies”, “Hands Held High” , “In Between”, . The catalyst tells about their sins and their apologize to god. hands held high tells about Illuminati Agenda. In Between tells about their apoligize to their fans.

    • Like I stated in the “About” section of this blog, I’m not in the Illuminati so I can’t know for sure what goes on behind the scenes. Secondly, I’m not accusing Linkin Park or anyone else of being in the Illuminati. All I do is point out the Illuminati symbolism, which even you have to admit is rife in this video.

      • Well the frist image is a picture of shockwaves head from transformers and the pillars are the ones from the movie so those aren’t illuminate but the rest kinda are and I’m a linkin park fan

  2. in first: Sorry for my english…
    I’m ok with that we can see illuminati signs but when we listen to the Album Minute to Midnight, Linkin Park, prevent poeple about the illuminati
    and the new Linkin park logo since MTM isn’t there choice, Warner Bros has forced them :/
    linkin park don’t really advocates illuminati but prevent people…
    Linkin Park is Really implicate in Music For rlief and other good and charity movment…
    and they do not mediate in the world like other artist who are illuminati
    they work with jay – Z juste once time, and for exemple juste after that Eminem annonce in his album Recovery that is going to leave and destroy illuminati, he work with jay-z lil’wayne and rihana (like to show to the illuminati somthing)
    LP<3 i believe in them and since the begining they doesn't call people to make war or other….

  3. I dont know man.Their lyrics are far from being illuminati but the symbolism is in your face.Also,i want to point out the fact that after their collaboration with Jay-Z,Linkin Park changed a lot in so many different ways for example the lack of colour[only black and white]on LP TV episodes,symbolism at concerts and videos.I just dont know….

  4. IDIOT!!!! They’re Religious!!!! WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!! Not because the directing make you think it refers to Illuminati or the hand gesture .. Stop being dumb!!

    • Whether they’re religious is or not is none of my business. A person’s relationship with God (or lack thereof) is their personal stuff. On that note, I have not once said that Linkin Park is not religious; in fact, I have used words such as “possibly” or “perhaps” in this post to suggest that I’m just throwing out a theory, not a fact.

      Out of all the views this post has gotten, over 90% come from people Googling “Linkin Park illuminati”. Evidently, other people are seeing the symbolism as well. How did you end up reading this post?

  5. Kay… I’m sorry… But that kind of p*ssed me off. I get your trying to say that it’s just the symbolism, but it feels more like you’re accusing them, and it especially got to me when you added the song into it. On a personal level, this song helped restore my faith in god. As for the Illuminati, you might not believe me that I’ve never heard of this in my life, but refering to Michael as Lucifer just blew my mind. It was supposed to refer to the one eyed king who ruled the land of the blind, because he could still see.

    • I did not refer to Mike as Lucifer. I said he is POSSIBLY portraying the character of Lucifer. There’s a difference.

      • I’m so sorry, I missed the POSSIBLY which basically means you’re referring to the symbolism of Mike being Lucifer. I was stating my opinion, as you were stating yours, but I still don’t understand how you can say this. As someone previously stated, yes, they are religious, and I’m absolutely sure the “all seeing eye” was a reference to one of the Decipticons in the movie, not an Illuminati symbol. You have your right to believe that these are referrences to that, but I have my right to think differently.

        • And I respect you right to have your own opinions (though I don’t remember saying you don’t have a right to think differently, but I digress). Another thing I should point out: I don’t post Illuminati symbolism on my blog because I believe the actors or musicians are IN the Illuminati. I post the symbolism so that people are aware of this growing trend in the media and what the symbols mean.

    • The Illuminati doesn’t need bloggers to expose them. They’re doing that themselves, considering how blatant the symbolism is these days.

  6. I’d also like to point out a few things. Linkin Park’s new material really does emphasize how they do not advocate anything illuminati based; They preach forgiveness and love, they advise not to be materialistic and avoid mechanical power (Wretches and Kings), and they hate how the elite government operates. They are also the only band I know of that tries so hard to help other countries in need. I’ve been a fan of Vigilant for years now, and glad I have been informed. But I see nothing wrong with this video.
    Yes. Mike represents Lucifer. Yes, Joe represents a power being who controls people. But if you pay close attention to the story line of the video, we see that both Mike and Joe get angry with something toward the end and end up suffering for it. Perhaps for trying so hard for trying to reach illumination, Whereas Chester stresses the terms “Remember the sadness and frustration, and let it go.” Chester represents wisdom, which is why he is blind. For the same reason Neo was blind in the Matrix. They both ultimately make the hardest choice to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, because If you pay close attention, Chester dies.
    Also, in the beginning of the video, Chester’s face sparks up with Optimus’s not because of Transhumanism, but because of what Optimus stands for. Prime is the protagonist in the Transformers storyline (and yes i know transformers is another topic in itself) but Optimus fights for freedom, justice, and equality. At the end of the video, Mike’s face sparks up with Megatron, the antogonist. Chester is good, and sacrifices himself, while Mike is evil and suffers.
    Perhaps they sit at the table together to show that they were once equal. Lucifer was in fact God’s favorite saint. One thing I hate about people who think they know everything about The Illuminati, is that they will never understand them. Symbols have been lost and misused over centuries, Vigilant himself knows this. Just because they are referenced frequently with the illuminati, doesn’t mean the illuminati owns them. They want to be Illuminated, who doesn’t? But the means of which they do it is wrong..
    But what is worse, one who condemns himself for going astray into the darkness, or the one who condemns his brother without any forgiveness.
    good blog btw, nice high quality pictures. You were way too bias though.

    • This is the only well thought-out response I’ve had regarding this topic.

      I understand your “they were once equal” idea, but I think they could have used a different concept to portray that instead of using The Last Supper – a tradition considered sacred – and placing the Lucifer figure where Jesus is supposed to be.

      Also, I must once again, emphasize that I’m merely pointing out the symbolism in the video. Many people have seen it too – in fact, this Linkin Park post is one of the most viewed posts of this blog.

      Thank you for reading.

  7. well the video is full of illuminati symbols, thats true but do u really get to realize why they are there? lp , when posted this video for the first time in FB, the caption was saying “The video explores how human existence might be affected by the elements of Transformers robots and the threat of the Decepticons. What would it be like to be citizens in a decaying universe? I tried a lot of new things here,”. so if illuminati agenda supports transhumanism a band which is supposedly part of it wouldn’t do anything against it, right? just check other videos about transhumanism (vigilantcitizen) , they all show transhumanism as smthng cool but thats not what lp did. anyway, i don’t think a band which did ATS could be part of it 😉

    • Linkin Park may be trying to portray a positive message, but that alone doesn’t suddenly change the symbolism associated with the Illuminati and make it good.

  8. I’ve been studying the Illuminati for a couple of months now. It has been a real eye-opening experience (pardon the pun). I’m older than you guys, I’m sure. But I love rock – intelligent rock. Linkin’ Park’s songs are mostly about forgiveness, extreme pain, etc.. Keep in mind that although they may control their music, once the director, producer and editor take over the video, anythng goes. Listen to their music and take the symbolism with a grain of salt. It most likely has nothing to even do with them. There certainly are a lot of “Illuminati” symbols in here, no doubt. Attribute that to the fat cat producers, not the band. I understand the Illuminati is an all-encompassing term for the elite, their wacked religion, their desire to control the world, etc. And they do it through subliminal messages, media propaganda and more. However, if you’re going to convince people (and we all need to if we don’t want to become a Fascist country which ultimately leads to one world government), I prefer to call them “the fat cats” or “the elite.” It’s just a thought. Those terms are more palatable when trying to spread the word and get people to step out of the Matrix. I TRULY believe that if bands sing uplifitng songs with positive messages, THOSE have the most effect on our psyches, and our subconscious minds. If this band was pro-Illuminati, they would sing about nonsense like Lady Gag Me. ( I realize she’s not a rockstar, but she is the pop posterchild for the Illuminati.) That’s just my opinion. And BTW person from France, people are entitled to their opinions without being called “Idiot!” That’s not exactly loving your neighbor. What I am SOOOOO thrilled about is that so many younger people know, all thanks to the Internet! Information is power – the power to beat these psycho power freaks. Spread the word and maybe we’ll beat these suckers. Good job. Rock on.

  9. This is wrong, you have to listen to the whole a thousand suns video to review what it means! The messenger(15 on the track list) has a bit of revelence to 1 Korinthiers 13. And when they asked Mr. Hahn what it means he only said “In the valley of the blind the one eyed man is king” and theres a story about a man who fell down a mountain into a city where everyone is blind and he lost one eye, so the one eyed man deceived the blind folks. Do a little more research when reviewing please.

    • People, the section regarding the lyrics is a THEORY. Meaning it is not a fact. The whole one-eyed man deceiving the blind folks thing… don’t you think it could refer to the blind population being deceived by the elite? You, too, need to think outside the box.

      • How long have you been thinking outside the box really? I respect what you have to say but what more are you doing spreading what YOU want others to think through subliminal gangrene?

        “Linkin Park may be trying to portray a positive message, but that alone doesn’t suddenly change the symbolism associated with the Illuminati and make it good”

        Does having an Illuminati symbol in your video make you an Illuminati member?

        The Bible says there are false prophets who mislead the people. Like wolves in sheep’s clothing.

        “But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction.” 2 Peter 2:1

        In Sunday school, I learned that the new world order would be the last of the four. Since the Roman Empire ceased to exist as a real empire, how many world empires have existed? Can you think of any? Not really. There have been some serious attempts. Charlemagne, Napoleon, and Hitler, tried to conquer their world. None of them succeeded. The Bible says there are only four of these world empires, and then a final form of only four of these world empires, and then a final form of the fourth one–feet made partly of iron and partly of clay. the fourth one–feet made partly of iron and partly of clay. That was what Dark of The Moon talks about. When Sentinel betrays the autobots and creates an alliance with Megatron.

        Matthew 24:37 – As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man
        Jeremiah 6:14 and 8:11 – ‘Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace
        1 Thessalonians 5:3 – While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape

        This clearly states that the Illuminati aren’t a real threat, we don’t have even have the slightest sense of peace.

        BTW. Here are some flaws in your “evidence”:

        -there were 12 apostles but there are only six in lp
        -the first eye, is encompassed by a an UPSIDE DOWN triangle

  10. okay Im confusing a lottttttt ….i love linkin park so much …but i cant find out wich wrong and wich right it i mean lp masonic????chester bennington freemason :(?????thats hard to me i love this band and im dreaming of a show for lp(sorry for my english)

  11. Sorry to say, but this is bullshit…. People like you just keep searching for things that just have someting simulair with the illuminati…
    C’mon guys, linkin park is my favourite band, they made me who i am now, they learned me alot of things about life and not illuminati sh!t…

    • I’m glad that you’ve learnt some positive things from Linkin Park. However, I must point out that people like me don’t go searching for the symbolism. The powers that be (whoever they are) have made it so blatant that it’s impossible to miss it.

    Eu ri com essas palhaçadas…
    boa tentativa, pessoal………
    vlw por fzerme rir….

  13. Thank you for pointing these illuminati symbols out in Linkin Park. (I hope Mike Shinoda is not one of them.) I’ve been wondering if linkin park (esp. Mike shinoda) is an illuminati (or an illuminati slave) guy. This is because he’s made the score music for The Raid (director: GH Evans). With such a huge success in that it’s the first indonesian action movie to head for Hollywood (with Sony now has the redistribution rights and is going to remake it (all Hollywood movies must pass screenwriting by illuminati standard I’ve read somewhere), I’ve been wondering if it all has something to do the with Illuminati and if the Illum. has something in store for indonesia.

  14. not all artists are indeed Illuminati, but perhaps his alias easy victim was told to-order management and choreographed so that they do the action and it’s one of the risk of entering the world of mainstream music industrti / major records, that they must submit to what they want, and indeed one one station MTV was not looking for creative musicians but musicians set his creativity as he pleased, if you like listening to music is Indie hold, this is a great form of resistance against MTV and major labels, the music giant was there during the fall some day .. just clay !.
    sorry my english

  15. Sorry my English is because I am Brazilian and I was dying to know if the band that I like so much did the Illuminati agenda, but I suspected something like the letters of the new album and also the MTM ATS. It’s face when Chester makes the Illuminati symbol on the DVD in partnership with Jay-Z, 2008, I saw symbolism in the band, but they do not always make the Illuminati agenda, or that other bands like 30STM, RHCP and Coldplay. The Warner Bros. Records. is manipulating them right, but it is good to do the band much success to not attract attention. I still think they fight against the Illuminati agenda in some songs they say so.

  16. Hi there, thanks for share.

    Actually I am biggest fans in my country, since they 1st album.
    I am glad to you of being share this info.

    I knew it, since they make collaboration with jay-z. Any symbols and “trade mark” has a big change to illuminati. Absolutely I disagree about this, I am very sad. 😦

    Keep share pals.

  17. All I can say is that you guys are looking way to far into things. This is a load of bullshit, excuse my language. Believe what you want…

  18. I’m one of Linkin Park’s biggest fan. Ive been there fan ever since hybrid theory came out. I do agree that the music video does have a lot of illuminati symbols but i dont believe that they are part of the illuminati. YOU have to see what they do for other people and who they actually are. They have made songs to help out other countries such as “Not Alone” and “Little things Give you Away”. Idk about you guys but ive become a better person ever since i started listening to Linkin Park.

  19. What about the symbolism in their album covers? What about the symbolism in their other band Dead By Sunrise as well as the lyrics? Are they trying to warn us? Or expose us? I guess we won’t know until their next album. Maybe they’ll give us a hint.

  20. I know im late,but just wanted to say great work,btw im a linkin park fan and eminem fan too,well lp is illuminati its sad eminem too he tricked fans by the song not afraid that he fight but no again he recorded new songs satanic songs lp sing abt great topics but if u think deeply u’ll know they r illuminati any illuminati controlled the media n everything lol its sad too anyway lol

  21. Well, i am such a huge fan of LP since their first album. I thought about the same thing since i saw their logo in their album. It’s kinda like “pyramid” of the illuminati n their music color is kinda change now. well man, i honestly i don’t wanna believe it and try not to think about it, but my eyes aint blind yo. So, i can see their free mason symbol. i gotta admit, i feel so disappointed. Too bad, just too bad, DF most of music logo now are look like (or even REAL) iluminati symbol.

    • I don`t think it`s coincidence, all the symbols. I too have been a fan of lp ince the begining and the fact that one or more of them (most likely chester, seeing his dead by sunrise album) does not change their music and its message or my fanship.
      This earth is destined for doom anyhow, with every new thing inacted to make things ”better”, it introduces a new component speeding us to demise. I`m waiting for jesus to reign and make things new and how it was meant to be.

  22. I’m so sad, I’ve been a linkin park fan since they became famous and now I’m doing my homework about the illuminati, the music industry, there my top band and the last one I suspected of this, it’s so disappointed because I’ve been so blinded to the symbolism it’s rediculous, I still like them, even though there apart of or steering away from the illuminati and or whatever demonic guidance they have 😦


  23. I foun this:

    “Joe Hahn sent me an e-mail that said something about ‘In the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king,’ or something like that,” frontman Mike Shinoda told MTV News earlier this year. “And the next thing I know, I’ve got horns growing out of my shoulders, and I’ve got one blind eye, and I’ve got a white dog and a snake on a throne made of antlers. I think you’d have to ask Joe what that all means.”

    Read more at ONTD:

  24. I’m really really late…and that’ll be because I never expected LP to be there with them illuminati freaks….I definitely am one of their biggest fans period…but all you guys who’re not ready to accept the fact…please and please look for yourselves…there’s a lot of symbolism in their videos…and I don’t know if just Joe Hahn, the band’s turntablist, who has directed the video and many others is the only illuminati freak or if the whole band is a part of this conspiracy ’cause when Mike was interviewed what the music video was about he said that he didn’t knew anything about it and Joe is the only one who can answer that…and everyone who is claiming that LP is tryin’ to leave the illuminati scene..think again..’cause their new single Burn It Down’s music video features some kinda eye above where the band are performing…BTW nice analysis of the video…we really need guys like you…
    P.S…my loss, anyways ’cause it was my most favorite band and I’m left rememberin’ those days when me and my cousin used to tell everyone with pride that only LP isn’t part of this new world order…

  25. Linkin park has been apart of the illuminati prolly all their career, They produce their music often in Warner BRothers. and a thing i have to say before i say something els is when a person sells their soul to the devil they can hear the devil talking to them. Their song Papercutt speaks of a face inside a voice that watches everything. Theirs also a part where a humanoid blue creature zips past chester and the other singer. Their song In the End chester sings a line at the end that says he put his trust into “You” for all this. all this is basically stating he put all his trust into satan for his career yet it is one of their largest songs of today. The symbolism of them mostly contain a triangle shape. the bands that are huge like this watch out for because they sell their soul for money and fame. and right know linkin park has a bunch of fame and it seems to be increasing by the day. Also their newest album The cataclyst may be them getting deeper into this. or trying to leave it. You gotta remember when you sell ur soul to the devil everything u do has involvement with the devil. Like for instant SLipknot Paul grey was Murdered for writing songs that took the band outa the Illuminati.

    Im a Rasta so i dont listen to metal but i just started looking at this stuff cause i use to be a metalhead.

  26. First of all i have to say i am a huge Linkin Park Fan .. I am very confused .. I figured all the illuminati symbols in Iridescent immediately out , and then Googled and landed on this site. It concerns me a lot because of the fact that if you listen to their songs its full of anti-illuminati agendas ( no more sorrow , burning in the skies, The Catalyst ). LP never preached the Rockstar Life with Drugs , Alcohol , Sex etc … But the symbols speak another language. It started with the new lp logo with the pyramid, and Iridescent is flooded with Symbols, so obvious.

    Since Minutes to Midnight they are working with Rick Rubin , a famous producer of the Pop and Rock ( illuminati ) industry which would tell the illuminati influence. I mean it does not make sense at all. They are reaching Billions of People with their messages which are mostly AGAINST the establishment and Elite, preaching to the fans OPEN YOUR EYES dont let them fool you unlike Jay-Z and Rihanna , Madonna etc.. to live a life where just your money , fame , sex counts..

    For me its clear that Linkin Park knows about the existence of illuminati as they acting on the Source of Iluminati ( Powerfull Big Music Industry ) but what confuses me is, which relationship does they have with them :

    Are they showing us whats going wrong and want us to wake up and beware of them ( also with using the NOW common Sings BUT with the Songs against the Elite ) ?

    Are they forced to use this symbols in Iridescent because of the Transformer Movie ( Illuminati Produced Movie ) ? But then why did they accept ? I am sure that they know well about the symbolism …

    Are they following the Illuminati agenda and just play a fake game to drag people to think Linkin Park is against the establishment so we can trust them full ? …

    In Case of Linkin Park its really weird .. and makes no sense at all but i want to know what is behind .. :-/

    • Their not forced. its a choice. im suggesting a band member or maybe even all of em sold their soul so that everything they do has to do with satan. i can clearly tell you that they are apart of it. you would be amazed on how many people sold their soul and can have a clean strait face and look you in the eyes and tell you they didnt even if they show no signs of sex drugs and things dont mean they have to they also are one of the biggest artists out their so thats a sign they prolly are apart of the illuminati and/or supporting it.

  27. Dude…. The snake is an ancient Pagan symbol of female power, and Christianity is against that so they used it as a symbol of evil to scare people away from using it..

  28. someone here said that they get angry in the end and end up suffering for some reason and they say its because they try so hard to reach illumination…..i think that if they are angry then suffering then the reason is (this is my interpretation)(how i understand it), i think that they are going to be angry bcus they goin to find out they were tricked by lucifer and were on the wrong side and probbly gonna end up in flames for it and suffer so ……..and as for some of the soong lyrics talking about falling into empty space its probably thee story of how lucifer was cast down from heaven…. u guys unfortunately the illuminati does exist and even though i like egypt the illuminati has a connection with the egyptian symbols im not sure if the egyptians meant to send that message or not but that’s how it turned out….i wonder if the egyptians drew those without even knowing wat they would represent later …

  29. I’m a Fan of LP & i saw chester’s picture in one of their concert that he use hand triangle sign (hands held high), so yes is possible that they are a part of it now and they collaborate with jay-Z ( Jay-Z is illuminati ).

  30. I hadn’t listened to them since Meteora and I felt a lot of sadness on the last albums, strange sound & lyrics too. So that brought me here by making some researches. I agree with the person who said ” they also are one of the biggest artists out their so thats has sign they prolly are and / gold supporting it apart of the illuminati “, it’s totally true. But it’s hard to believe they’re really “bad” to this point, I don’t know if they really had the choice (or maybe too difficult with manipulation) but for me they seem to want “the end” of this because they can’t do anything else now. (sorry for my bad english)

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