Danny K

Many people probably won’t know this guy since he is a South African artist. Anyway, I came across a video he released earlier this year called “Made 2 Luv U” and found there were all-seeing eyes and transhumanism themes.  Some screenshots and possible theories:

The video shows Danny sitting in a robot manner. He continues to sit this way while he sings.

Next, we see two females who seem a bit robotic, but also puppet-like.

Metropolis robotic hand as seen in videos like Beyonce's "Single Ladies".

Half human, half robot (transhumanism). And, of course, the all-seeing eye.

One of the girls stands up like a robot. She walks over to Danny. It's also interesting to note that she has one breast exposed and one leg exposed, which reminds one of the Freemasonry initiation costume...

Freemason initiation

We get another flash of an all-seeing eye

The girl disintegrates from human/robot form into a more "spirit" form.

Danny is shown in robotic form as well. Nice eye there, buddy.

Danny lies motionless as the spirit takes over him, which makes me wonder if this girl isn't Lucifer or a demon. We see a pyramid on the right while this happens.

Danny seems to want to break out of this, but the spirit won't leave and seems to take over completely.

Finally, we see Danny lying motionless while the spirit does with him as she wants.


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