Sucker Punch


4 thoughts on “Sucker Punch

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  2. Well, considering how if you go by a 1-sentence summary of “Sucker Punch” I just read that it’s a scene out of “Illuminatus!”, what would you expect?

      • My point being that if the summary of the movie was correct, the makers of the movie were well versed in the book. Shea & Wilson never got the bucks nor the popular recognition that they should’ve for the amount of influence they had. I was friendly with both.

        I was also friendly with Damon Lindelof, and was convinced the island in “Lost” was Fernando Poo (now Bioko). A plane from Nigeria that’s leaking some fluid takes off over the water and winds up there, carrying church idols that were hollowed out statues to smuggle heroin. A character identified it as “Craphole Island” — Poo! They used a phenomenal number of 23s. An apparently local radio xmission in French referred to an apparently communicable disease, which would be consistent to proximity to Cameroon.

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