Justin Bieber


6 thoughts on “Justin Bieber

  1. wow, not surprised. How can he be this big and his voice isn’t even matured? Isn’t it funny how Chris Brown was every girls’ dream and when that scandal comes with Rihanna Chris Brown fades from the scene and they suddenly have someone to replace him (Justin Bieber). God all the way. Only he can save you, he created us so why should you follow something that’s against Him.

    • Funny how Chris Brown also had this squeaky voice when he first emerged on the scene, haha!

      Blessings to you. ^_^

  2. the media and music industry will do anything like these photos, now these pictures could be have of been an accident or not but justin bieber prays before every consent and doing something like that is a big deal if he were apart of the illuminati and he would be punished by the illuminati but i am LDS, Morman and at the moment i respect Justin Bieber and i hope that these pictures was just something that he was copying from the media and other stars like Lady GaGa, J,z, Jessie J. ect.

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